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  • 23 Oct, 2023

Measuring the ROI of AR marketing efforts

Measuring the ROI of AR marketing efforts

In today's competitive digital landscape, Augmented Reality (AR) has emerged as a game-changing tool for brands aiming to captivate audiences and enhance user experiences. 

While the immersive nature of AR campaigns often results in buzzworthy moments and heightened engagement, the big question is: How do you effectively measure the return on investment (ROI) of such initiatives? This guide delves into the methodologies and metrics to gauge the true ROI of AR marketing efforts.

1. Understanding the Importance of ROI in AR

AR campaigns, with their flair for interactivity, can often come with higher production costs than traditional campaigns. Determining the ROI ensures that these investments are justifiable and yield tangible returns.

2. Start with Clear Objectives

Before calculating ROI, establish clear objectives for your AR campaign:

Awareness: Is the campaign aimed at increasing brand visibility?

Engagement: Is deepening user interaction the goal?

Sales: Is the primary purpose to drive conversions or purchases?

3. Key Metrics to Monitor

User Engagement: Track the duration and frequency of user interactions. High engagement often correlates with successful campaigns.

Activation Rate: Measure the percentage of users who interact with the AR experience out of the total who were exposed to the AR trigger.

Conversion Rate: Monitor the percentage of users who take a desired action after engaging with the AR experience, such as making a purchase or signing up.

User Retention: Track the number of repeat users over time. A high retention rate indicates lasting campaign impact.

4. Advanced Analytics for Deeper Insights

Heatmaps: These visual representations show where users focus most within an AR scene, revealing what elements capture attention.

User Pathways: Map the journey of users within the AR experience, understanding where they drop off or proceed further.

5. The Financial Aspect

Cost of AR Development: Factor in costs related to software, content creation, and any third-party integrations.

Operational Costs: Include expenses for maintaining the AR platform, updates, and promotional activities.

Revenue Generation: Track direct revenues from the AR campaign. This could be from product sales, app downloads, or affiliate partnerships.

To calculate ROI:




Total Revenue from AR Campaign

Total Cost of AR Campaign


Total Cost of AR Campaign





Total Cost of AR Campaign

(Total Revenue from AR Campaign−Total Cost of AR Campaign)


6. Assessing Intangible Benefits

While numerical metrics provide clear insights, don’t overlook qualitative benefits:

Brand Perception: Surveys and feedback can reveal how AR experiences influence brand image and loyalty.

User Satisfaction: Gathering user reviews can gauge the overall satisfaction and areas for improvement.

7. Comparison with Other Marketing Efforts

Compare the ROI of your AR campaigns with other marketing initiatives. How does the engagement and conversion of AR efforts stack against email campaigns, social media marketing, or traditional advertising?

8. Continuous Monitoring for Long-term Campaigns

For ongoing AR campaigns, establish periodic check-ins (monthly, quarterly) to gauge ROI. This allows for timely adjustments and ensures sustained returns.

9. Case Study: A Glimpse at Success

Furniture Giant's AR Room Planner: A renowned furniture brand introduced an AR app allowing users to visualize products in their space. The app didn't just increase online sales but also decreased return rates, leading to a significant ROI. Additionally, the brand saw an uptick in positive reviews and enhanced customer loyalty.


In the innovative world of AR marketing, merely launching campaigns isn't enough. It's imperative to measure, analyze, and understand the impact in terms of ROI. With the right metrics, tools, and methodologies, brands can ensure that their AR efforts are not just creatively laudable but also financially viable. By continually gauging the ROI, brands can refine strategies, optimize budgets, and pave the way for AR campaigns that resonate and deliver. Embrace the metrics, and let them steer your AR journey to success!

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